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Be it consultancy or products, we believe in giving you the best value for your money. With our years of experience, we will provide you with advice best suited to your business. We will provide you with a solution customised to your requirements. We will give you as much training on our products as you feel needed.



Running a specialist clinic has never been easier. medi-Rekord, developed in October 2003, was designed with specialists' involvement, ensuring that the product fulfills the needs of doctors. With free 24/7 support, extensive back-up and archive processes, a well-proven track record, the product offers unparalleled reliability. The system supports multi-braches, unlimited number of users, and screen design based on purpose of use. Currently medi-Rekord is offered in two versions: for medical specialists and for anaesthesia group practices. Since our early days, medi-rekord provides support for use of the system on smart phones, tablets and the like. This facilitates access of information when you need it, where ever you need it.



medi-WebPage was developed in 2005 and is our solution to the problem of web-site development and maintenance, without the need to learn HTML, CSS and the like! It has been used in developing websites in an extensive range of areas: such as legal, medical, food and beverage, non-for profit societies, religious establishments, etc. The service combines web-site hosting, our very own content management software, unlimited number of pages, large number of copyrighted images, optimised keyword indexing and submission to search engines, management of content updates. Expansion components (such as forums, blog, calendar, secure pages, built-in search, dynamic sitemaps, dynamic lists, product manager editor, member list management, mass mailing client, photo galleries, e-commerce cart, PayPal payment engine etc.) can be added, without the need to learn any technical information. medi-webPage features Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) extensions which work in conjunction with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), see below: "Search And Find".


search and find

Search And Find was created after medi-webPage clients requested for a dynamic, flexible, transparent, cost conscious and cost effective Search Engine Marketing service (SEM). The service was launched in 2012 and over the years we have developed different strategies that cater for the fast changing world of SEM and SEO. During our collaboration, you will be frequently informed of the changes in SEM strategy, budgets, and bidding strategy. In Search And Find we understand the need to manage conflict of interests between clients in the same areas of work, therefore it is not always possible to sign-on clients who approach us.



We have been providing consulting services in the area of User Interface Design since 1998. We have designed and evaluated hundreds of user interfaces, developed user interface standards (that were used project-wide and organisation-wide) and were involved in the collection of User Requirements. We have been involved in many sectors, such as public transport, public information systems, and banking.